Employment Law

Hickey Dorney Solicitors provides legal services for employers and employees on employment law issues. Our advice is professional,
supportive and confidential.

What is Employment Law

Employment Law is the body of laws that deal with the responsibilities of employers to their employees and the basic employment rights of
employees as prescribed by employment legislation.

    Employment Law Services

    We advise on: –

    • Unfair dismissal

    • Redundancy

    • Working time disputes

    • The right to disconnect

    • Equality claims

    • Discrimination claims

    • Maternity claims

    • Fixed Term Work Act claims

    • Protected Disclosure Act claims

    • Contract of Employment claims

    • Transfer of Undertaking Regulations claims

    • Constructive Dismissal

    • Minimum Notice Payment of Wages claim

    • Parental leave

    • Parent leave

    • Force Majeure leave

    • Bullying and Harassment

    • Personal Injury

    • Unfair Dismissals

    • Workplace Relations

    • Employment Contracts

    • Workplace Health and Safety

    Employment Solicitors

    We represent employers and employees before the:

    • Workplace Relations Commission

    • Labour Court

    • District Court

    • Circuit Court

    • High Court

    • Employment Appeals Tribunal

    • Equality Tribunal

    Workplace Legal Help
    We Can Provide:

    • Guidance in drafting or amending existing employment contracts and highlighting issues.

    • Support with how to resolve, manage and avoid industrial disputes.

    • Deliver effective, practical advice on workplace legislation, settlements and agreements.

    • Advice on a wide range of labour law issues.

    • Advice on workplace discrimination, bullying, equality and dismissals.

    Employment law Cork

    Why Choose Us

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      We guarantee a response to your enquiry within 24 hours
    • Personalised Service
      We provide a tailored personal legal service that’s jargon free
    • Transparent Pricing
      Our pricing is upfront and competitive with no hidden fees
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When to Hire a Cork Employment Solicitor if you are an Employee

    If you are an employee you should consider hiring an employment law solicitor if your employer has infringed on your basic employment rights. The law is complex and a solicitor can help explain the law, help you understand your rights and give you legal advice. Examples of when you should hire a solicitor include:

    • Your boss hasn’t given you the benefits listed in your employment contract.

    • You were unfairly dismissed from your job.

    • Your employer bullied or harassed you.

    When to Hire Solicitors if you are an Employer

    If you are an employer you should consider hiring a solicitor to keep you informed of the most current workplace legislation. A solicitors advice can help with matters such as:

    • Employee handbooks and contracts

    • Employee Entitlement

    • Resolving workplace issues and industrial disputes

    Legal Fees

    Before we start or commence any work with you, we will always agree fees in advance with you. You will know what those fees are and how they are going to be calculated.

    Contact Us

    If you would like to talk to us about an employment issue, please contact us by email at info@hickeydorney.com or by telephone 021 484 3634.

    *In contentious cases, a solicitor may not charge fees or expenses as a proportion or percentage of anyaward or settlement.