Care Representative Application

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What is a Care Representative?

A care representative is appointed when an individual is suffering from ill health, mental condition or a physical disability and needs to apply for nursing home support.

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    How to Appoint a Care Representative?

    To appoint a care representative, an application must be made to the Courts. The applicant is usually a family member and other family members need to give their consent. 2 medical reports are required in a particular format that are exhibited in the application.

    Care Representative Application
    care representative application Cork

    Who Can Become a Care Representative?

    The care representative will have authority to consent to a nursing home loan in respect of the individuals land or property, if they are too unwell to make the application themselves. The contribution, which is currently up to a maximum of 7.5% of the value of land/property, is deferred until the death of the person requiring the nursing home care. In certain circumstances, it can be deferred even further into the future.

    Nursing Home Loan

    Under the Nursing Home Support Scheme or Fairdeal Scheme, it is possible for a relative of the person needing longterm nursing home care to be appointed as a care representative.

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    We are happy to assist or advise you on any aspect of your Care Representative Application. Please contact us to obtain more information with regards our fixed legal fee for applying for you to be appointed a care representative.

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    For Care representative applications we charge a fixed fee of €950 plus VAT & outlays.  Please contact us by email at or telephone at 021 484 3634 to find out more.

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